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    Empowering Internal Search

    You may think you dont need to do that? I mean see my tittle above. After all, you can find content without doing so. It is essential that you use the internal search regularly. Your search page transforms and looks different depending on which search term you use. Users on your website might view a search result page that you have never seen yourself. I found this based on Linkedin discussion with Cerri Mac (Account Manager, Siteimprove UK). She told me a lot about three things to improve my internal search. Our search function might be in perfect shape, and not need any adjustments at all. If not, it is time to take control of the internal search function. Since the search function uses the content of the pages on the site the process mostly starts with improving the most important
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    5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics

    Social media analytics and tracking can be very time-consuming and expensive. Youll find quite a few smart social media monitoring tools, but what if you cant afford them? This article from Mashable can answer this question. Made by Ann Smarty (@seosmarty). She is one of my fave SEO warriors. Social media marketers and power users are in constant search of free, efficient alternatives. Here, well share a few ready-made spreadsheets you can copy (navigate File + Make a copy) and use for social media analytics. They are free, highly customizable and extremely easy to use. Most of the scripts that run the spreadsheets are public, meaning you can access them from the Tools + Script Gallery menu (this also means they were reviewed and approved by Google Spreadsheets team). 1. Fetch Twit


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